Streaming Audio


Incorporate audio streaming to your website. Audio streaming plays right away before the entire song is sent to your computer, allowing the " Internet audience " to listen within seconds of pulling up your website to view.


We offer a HTML 5 or " FLASH " media player, to play our streaming media.


No longer will WINDOWS MEDIA OR REAL PLAYER be necessary.


Streaming Video / HTML 5 Video Player


Here at the Real Business Network & Design Group, we offer (streaming media) a combination of the world wide web ( Internet ) and video.  No longer does the " Internet audience " have to wait to download a large file before seeing the video or hearing the sound. Streaming is sent as a progressive download and plays as it arrives.


We offer a HTML 5 media player, to play our streaming media, meaning there's no need for WINDOWS MEDIA or REAL PLAYER



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Live Streaming!


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